Past Remembrance, A Gift of Love
Isabell, her parents, and husband
by Isabell Frazier Haworth League  
name is Heatherdawn. This family history Web site is dedicated to Isabell Frazier Haworth League. Her life memoirs, featured on the following pages, are what perked my interest in genealogy and family history.

Isabell Frazier was born in Carlisle, Warren County, Iowa on December 4, 1858 to Quakers, Joseph and Clarissa Frazier. Her father, Joseph, was a Private in the Iowa 34th Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Isabell married Jacob Haworth and after five children, Jacob and Isabell moved with their children and Isabell's parents to Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.

Many of the people named within Isabell's story are linked to pages that feature that individual. Many of these individual pages have pictures and genealogical information such as birth dates, death dates and locations, spouse's names, and children's names. While you are reading, please keep in mind that in addition to not being well educated, Isabell was 80 years old as she began writing. At times her story jumps from one occasion to another. Though she is very good with names, the events presented in her story should not be considered strictly chronologically ordered.
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Past Remembrance, A Gift of Love
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